About Us

We are a nonprofit animal welfare organisation working to create a safe and healthy world for every animal, and for the people who love them.

SSAF is here for every animal in need. We believe that every animal deserves the best. That’s why we are dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of stray and abandoned animals — we believe we can transform their quality of life through kindness and compassion.

How we started

Its being a very long journey of 8 yrs now. I started in 2014 when I went to my last vaccination to Dhanaulti. When I am coming back it was the time of rainy season. I saw a very small puppy just of 15 days was sitting at the corner of road. It was the time of midnight. Pup was shivering due to cold. Because it was water every where. I came back to home. But mind was thinking about the pup. My mom asks me what happened?
 I told her that near to our home a puppy was shivering and I think that pup was sick. Then mom told me ” Go and take them to home”. I went in the midnight with my sister, water logging every where. We take the puppy to our home. 
Puppy was in condition of dying. I first Google the nearest vet of my location. Take the pup for the treatment. Then next morning I go the the place find 3 more siblings of the puppy. I started giving them food. Then find new dogs stared feeding with 10 dogs now in 8 yrs I feed more then 260 dogs daily. I even don’t know how many suffering life’s on streets I saved.